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Unlike traditional microfinancing organizations, our loans are made directly to entrepreneurs.

A word from our founder

I am very excited about Banyan's newest partner, Zidisha, and the potential of providing sustainable support to people in developing countries around the world. Our goal now is to produce financial independence for the locals.
We extend our invitation to you to join us!
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Dr. R. Craig Strickland, Founding pastor of Hope Church

Hi, I'm Craig Strickland, Founder of the Banyan Group. For many years I've been frustrated by the lack of influence the American Church has had on foreign missions. We build schools, do Vacation Bible School, send doctors, etc., for a week, but we don't do enough toward long-term sustainability. Our goal now is to provide sustainable aid and support for the communities both here in the US and abroad. We extend our invitation to you to join us.

I would like to introduce you all to Banyan's newest micro-finance partner, Zidisha, Zidisha is the first online micro-lending community that directly connects lenders and entrepreneurs, no matter the distance or disparity between them. Bypassing expensive banks that charge sky-high interest, Zidisha offers a person-to-person platform that lets lenders and entrepreneurs communicate instantly. In partnership with Zidisha, Banyan brings in a worldwide network of churches in developing countries. Local church representatives have an opportunity to filter potential borrowers, reducing the risk associated with loans by joining in the responsibility of returning each loan. *Not all borrowers are recruited by Banyan staff but we love the approach that Zidisha has created to tackle such a large global issue like poverty.

The Banyan Staff has been actively involved in International Economic and Community development for over 40 years and we are consistently looking for ways to support underserved communities here in the US and abroad. I encourage you to contact us directly if you have either a desire to support those in need and or are looking for assistance in tackling challenging issues that are close to your heart. Thanks and Join the Movement!

Join the Movement!

The Banyan Group provides technical training and consulting support for both non-for-profits and Corporations. We provide technical training and consulting in hopes of equipping and ultimately empowering community members to address social issues both here in the US and Abroad. No matter what the identified needs might be, Banyan’s staff thrives on providing solutions to address those issues and challenges.

The Banyan Group would love to hear from you! Join the Movement and contact us directly to find out how!

In order to provide loans at significantly lower interest rates we depend on generous donations from people just like you!
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